Dena Rowe
| Owner/CEO

I graduated Murray State University with a Masters’ Degree in Animal Science and have dedicated my entire life to animals. Whether participating in animal rescue or attending an exotic animal school in Florida, I have never been happier than I am taking care of animals of all shapes and sizes.

In 2005, I moved to Paducah from Marshall County and was not at all happy with the lack of options for pet care in the area. I decided to take all my experience, education and passion to make sure pets where well cared for, by my standards. I opened Furkidz Pet Hotel in December 2013. I can happily say we are a success! We currently have 9 employees and have had over 5,000 pets utilize our services since we opened! We offer un-paralleled customer service to anyone with any type of animal, including pot-bellied pigs, reptiles, birds and small mammals!

Eric Chandler |

Manager and Principal Groomer at Furkidz. I was fortunate to have been raised in a rural area surrounded by my four legged friends. My curiosity and love for animals and learning came together at the age of ten when I started caring for exotic fish and reptiles. My journey in the pet care industry started in 2012 working part time as a groomer’s assistant while achieving a bachelors degree in human physiology at Murray State University. I have been with Furkidz since the fall of 2015. 

Tisha Milheiser |
Asst. Manager/Trainer

I’m the assistant manager at Furkidz! I started working with animals while my husband and I were stationed in Germany. I started dog walking/sitting and training and just fell in love with it! I mostly worked with German Shepherds and ended up taking one back with me! I started working for Furkidz in May of 2018 and it’s just been such a blessing for me! I feel like I finally found what I was truly meant to do. I’ve learned so much just working here and I’m excited to learn more about the care of the different animals that come here. I’m so honored to be apart of their lives and build relationships with these families.

Libby Dupriest |
Senior Resort Attendant

My life revolves around animals and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have 20 years of experience with animals and I try to broaden my knowledge daily. I only have four animals of my own: two cats and two dogs. So, to ensure myself of a daily dose of animal euphoria, I head to Furkidz to enjoy pampering and taking care of the animals there. Ahh, bliss! And working for Dena Rowe, who has a special kind of devotion and huge heart makes Furkidz feel like a second home. I love what I do and do what I love. To say I have a passion for animals is an understatement.

“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.”

                                                                     – Orhan Pamuk

Peyton Hartig |

Hello my name is Peyton, I have been working at Furkidz since July of 2018 as a
bather/groomer. I have learned a lot in almost the year I have been working at Furkidz. I started out working at my Aunts grooming business as a bather when I was a teenager and wanted to learn more about grooming. I love animals and I feel like this is a great job for me! I’ve been training under my manager Eric for the past year and he has taught me everything I know today! I still have some to learn but I have came a long way! I finally feel like I am at a job where I belong and love making your Furkidz look fabulous!

Laurie Verbaere |
Senior Customer Service Specialist

My love of animals started with a deep obsession for horses.  I spent many years working with horses and showing American Saddlebreds.  I also spent 13 years as a horse-drawn carriage driver in downtown Paducah.  Afterwhich, I was a paralegal for over 20 years.  I felt it was time for a change, and have greatly enjoyed working for Furkidz and being able to spend so much time with animals again.


Lindy Buie | Resort Attendant

I never imagined being excited to wake up and go to work but that’s the fulfillment I’ve found in animal care. The joy that is felt from a bond with animals has always been my lifelong passion. I knew from a very young age that I would be working with animals and I now have twelve years of pet care experience including pets with a wide range of physical and social needs. I strive to understand each animal in a way that connects me mentally to them. This brings thorough and loving care that allows pets to find their comfort zone while bringing out the full potential of their personality. Gaining the trust of a pet in my care and developing these bonds is what makes me enjoy each moment in animal care. I want each pet and owner to have a sense of security both entering and leaving Furkidz and that is what I strive to deliver each day. It’s a pleasure being a part of this work team and a pleasure to meet each pet that will always have a place in my heart.


Whitley Devary | Resort Attendant

I am a third year vet technologist student at Murray State University. I have been involved with the care and welfare of animals since I was just a child. I spent a large portion of my youth competing in dog bench shows, which continued to help me to develop my knowledge of animals as well as to earn me scholarships to continue to do what I love most when I went to college. When I am not working at Furkidz, I am at my local shelter helping them find homes for their animals as well as interacting with rescues on occasion.


Ashley Holmes | Resort Attendant

Ever since I was a child I have always enjoyed having pets in my home. I have three pets, two of which are three-legged. My dog Samus has been enjoying daycamp at Furkidz almost every day . My cat Kit Kat is the sweetest of hearts. I also have a  rabbit named Nibbler and is the personality of the house. I always imagined one day working with animals and caring for them like my own and I am so happy to say that I have made it. Becoming an animal care specialist is the most rewarding thing I have ever done.